events should be heartfelt

My favorite thing about wedding and event planning is having the opportunity to work with others and make a connection with my clients.


Kristen Jeremias

I believe events should be a heartfelt gathering where the couple and loved ones feel welcomed and celebrated. Working to bring a vision to life and incorporating creative design elements help to enhance the celebration, which is also a joy of mine. I carry my love of high-energy environments, creating beautiful things, executing creative ideas, and thinking on my feet into the wedding industry. I started Ivory and Lace Events because I love to show people that I care and help to create a most inspiring and heartfelt celebration rich in love. I grew up in Raleigh and have always been drawn to this charming city. I live with my husband Jordan, dog Ivory and baby girl Ella Bea. In my down time I love spending quality time with family.



“Kristen was able to refine and execute my vision and made sure we had a beautiful wedding.”

— Jill

Ivory & Lace

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