It’s that time of year again where resolutions are formed and people are striving to be better. I’ll admit it; I normally am not much of a resolutions kind of gal.  I think that you can change at any point in the year.  However, this year I am all about setting some resolutions.  2015 was a good year with a lot of amazing memories and some challenges too. I’ve definitely grown from it all, and am thankful for my experiences thus far, but am ready for a clean slate!

I was inspired by on one our church services where the pastor talked about resolutions.  He talked about how statistics show a number of people set roughly the same goals such as losing weight, having fun, getting healthy, and saving money.  Those are all good; don’t get me wrong, but more than half of the people fall off the goal bandwagon after 6 months of setting them, then the following year they set the same ones. Basically, it’s a vicious cycle of goal setting and rarely obtaining the result you intended.

Our Pastor recommended a good resolution would be to give yourself away.  Eugene Peterson quotes: “Giving is the style of the universe. Giving is woven into the fabric of existence.”  My top priorities this year are to speak with truth, walk with grace, and form deep, long lasting relationships.

I’ve created a few specific categories this year to help me in reaching my goals.  Each category focuses on different aspects that make up life and they mean a lot to me.

  • Living – Find beauty in my current home place and become inspired by the people I meet.  I want to incorporate yoga into my daily routine and learn to slow down more and breathe!
  • Loving – Continue to devote my time to my husband and express gratitude to him every day.  I want to make friends at our church, join a small group and formulate lasting relationships.  I also hope to get a pup soon! I would love on that thing like it’s my job!
  • Working – Continue to build my business and learn something new every day.  Expand my network, meet new vendors, and challenge myself to go to meet up groups once a month.
  • Learning – I want to take a calligraphy workshop badly! The art of calligraphy is so beautiful.  I also intend to learn how to make pottery on the wheel.  I’m interested in learning how to put together a floral arrangement and best ways to photograph (no, I’m not trying to be a florist or photographer – I will leave that to the professionals, but I’d love to understand the basics). I also want to learn how to paint and garden.  Still doing research on these categories to see what the best offerings are in my area.
  • Being – Give myself to others and serve in the church. I would love to help out in the nursery (I have major baby fever – so hopefully this will help!) I also want to try Indian food, because I’ve never given it a shot and I feel like it would be worth the experience!

What are your goals for 2016? I would love to hear them!