Rebranding Ivory and Lace Events

2018-04-07 Creme Flatlays-59.jpg

When I first launched Ivory and Lace Events in 2015, I worked with Kathryn from Creme Brands on homework assignments to help me define my brands why, purpose and develop website content. After working alongside Kathryn, it became clear as to why I was drawn to the wedding industry. The entire experience was like soul searching my brand. I knew the experience of starting a business would have its ups and downs and I began to realize that over the years my tastes and style would evolve. After growing my business slowly and keeping my full time job, I found clarity in what I was doing. Each client I worked with further reiterated why I loved wedding planning and working in the industry with other creatives.

2018-04-07 Creme Flatlays-64.jpg

This rebrand came in the perfect time with our move from Dallas back home to North Carolina. I gathered more content that I felt was true to my brands style, had worked with amazing vendor friends who I learned so much from, had mentors and other wedding planning friends in the industry as a support network and started to find my way in the industry. Coming back into a new market and essentially starting over again really propelled me to rebrand the look. I always knew that I wanted to work with Creme Brands again too, but needed the timing to make sense. I am grateful for the experience of working with Kathryn and further developing my brands style. The experience was something that has shaped my business and will continue to for many years to come. I love the timeless look of my brand and it's a beautiful representation of my love for feminine, romantic elements.