Morning Routine


Hey friends! 

I wanted to share a bit about my morning routine because over the past few years I have realized that it is such an important part of my day. I've always valued having a solid morning routine and saw how much it helped with the productivity of my day, but not as much as now after becoming a mom! My morning routine has changed quite a bit over the past year or so since having Ella Bea and not working in a corporate 9-5 job.  I am aware that my morning routine is about to change again here soon with baby boy on the way, but I welcome change and am looking forward to adjusting to what works best for our family.  

As a working mom it’s been a bit of a challenge to juggle it all! I think sometimes I put way too much on myself to have a clean house, a warm meal on the table at dinner, laundry folded and put away all while running a business. This pregnancy has definitely slowed me down and I am OK with allowing myself a bit of grace if the "to do's" and "task lists" don't get done. I am a do-er and I LOVE to move, work, stay busy, but in reality we all need a little bit of time to fuel our tanks and stay grounded to what is truly important to us.  

I’ve found that my morning routines really give me this and help to start my day with a positive attitude. My daughter can pick up on my attitude too so I do my best to start the day in the best way possible not only for myself, but for her as well.  

Ella normally sleeps until 7:00 am and I try to wake up around 5:30 - 6:00 am.   Having that extra hour does WONDERS! I am telling you, the days that I don’t wake up early and have those moments to myself feel long, rushed and my patience just isn’t there.  The slightly shortened sleep in the morning is worth it in the end.  

Here’s the routine that works for me. 

  1. Brush my teeth, wash my face, get changed in my gym clothes 
  2. Make my latte - we have a Breville espresso machine and I’m telling you if that thing broke, I am not so sure what I would do with my life!! 
  3. Take the dog out 
  4. Settle into my office and spend 15-20 minutes writing the things I am grateful for and how I’d like to see my day unfold. Sometimes I will read and put my feet up on the couch. This fuels my tank (along with the espresso)! 
  5. Shifting onto business/work I like to write my to-dos for the day.  When I have a few minutes to think about what I need to prioritize it helps me to stay productive. 
  6. Ella wakes up and we eat breakfast together and try our best to be at the gym by 8:30 am when the child center opens to workout. 

An hour files by in the morning, but these simple steps help me to have a successful day and it feels like I am doing something nice for myself. I really love mornings and use it as a means to recharge and set myself up for a great day! I’d love to hear some routines that help to start your day off well.

Happy Tuesday, friends! 

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